Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January's Fab Five!

So this post will be totally off normal topic (a little bit) and mostly about things that I just really loved this past month. This is also kind of inspired by all of those monthly favorite videos on youtube (seriously you should check them out they are addicting!). Hope you all enjoy I will try to make this part of the routine but we all know how good I am at sticking to a schedule ;)

  1. Chocolate Cheerios
    These are totally a grown up version of Cocoa Puffs complete with chocolate milk when you finish the bowl. I have completely fallen in love with these and not only eat them for breakfast but also for a snack when I'm in desperate need for a chocolate fix.
  2. Ocean Spray Blueberry JuiceI have just recently discovered just how yummy blueberries really are. For the longest time I avoided the little blue fruities just based on their intimidating color (seriously how many blue foods do you see on a daily basis!?) but now that I've discovered them I can't get enough! The Ocean Spray commercials are also a total guilty pleasure for me so when I saw the commercial for blueberry juice I knew that I had to try it and I love it! They also make a diet version which isn't too bad. If you've somehow never seen one of the Ocean Spray commercials I will post a video below in the link section and you should definetly check it out!
  3. Fuzzy SocksI live in the midwest and it gets REALLY cold in the winter and my feet are always the first things to freeze, so needless to say I have acquired a collection of fuzzy socks to keep my tootsies warm and cozy all winter long. Bath & Body Works has really nice ones that are scent infused so you get a dose of relaxation as you go throughout your day and Target has really cute slipper socks for holidays (my faves are the love bug ones for Valentine's Day)
  4. The Shopaholic series by Sophie KinsellaI am a self professed shopaholic so naturally this series appeals to me. There are a total of six books so far and they are AWESOME! They are quick and easy to read and are totally witty and funny too. Sophie Kinsella also has some non series books out too and they are just as good but my set of Shopaholic books have been well loved for a few years now and will be continued to be loved for more ot come.
  5. Vampire DiariesOK so this one is kind of cheating considering that for much of January Vampire Diaries was off air or just showing reruns due to mid-season break, but just last week they came back and I am sooo excited! And I know I am addicted considering that I totally gave up American Idol for the Vampire Diaries (seriously what were they thinking airing on the same night!?) If you've never seen an episode you can get caught up pretty quickly online and the first season is out on DVD. You can also read the books by LJ Smith which inspired the TV series they are pretty good too but a little on the trippy side.


Ocean Spray commercial

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