Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boo Sick Computers and Laziness!

So it has clearly been awhile since I posted and I clearly did not stick with my original plan of posting every other day but that's because I lack motivation and all but gave up this week -- and my computer decided that it hated me (thanks to mom for letting me borrow her laptop until mine is healthy and functioning again).

My biggest challenge in this whole getting to a healthier weight thing is clearly going to be the work week. I just don't want to do anything once I've clocked out and gotten in my car except for go home and lounge in a big comfy chair. Which is obviously not very productive to reach my goal. So I'm going to have to brainstorm ways to work in my workout while I am at work. I do get an hour for lunch so maybe instead of sitting in the staff lounge listening to the latest gossip I can head on down to the gym and walk or I could head out to the great outdoors and walk....hmmm decisions, decisions. All I know is that I let myself down MAJORLY this week because I did zip in the working out department and gained back 2 pounds of the 4 I had originally lost (BOOOOO!!!)

Also, I have decided that I need peanut butter and chocolate like a zombie needs brains. I mean I don't understand how some people have the will power to just cut out chocolate and anything else deliciously yummy and be totally happy with the decision. I tried that and I swear the peanut butter M&Ms were stalking me -- every where I went there they were! So (I use the word "so" a lot don't I!) I think maybe I need to sacrfice something else in order to allow my craving for chocolate and peanut butter...but what that something else is I haven't quite decided.

OK enough griping and back to work! Wish me luck!!

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