Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all." ~ Henry David Thoreau

So....I never made it to chapter 10 in The Adventures of Augie March...hangs head in shame... I've tried I really have..I'm back at work now so I read while I put the kiddos to sleep and I attempt to read while in the break room, until center gossip gets in the way...but I've only made it to chapter 5. The problem you see is that this book is REALLY slow moving and REALLY long and I just kind of don't want to...whine...

OK whining aside here is super short analysis of the book so far ( I say short because well I haven't gotten that far). The story is about a boy named Augie, in case you didn't assume as much from the title, who lives in Depression era Chicago. Augie's "grandma" forces Augie and his brother into odd jobs to make money and while his brother thrives in postions Augie bounces from one to another. And as of right now that's all I got.

I have this great feeling that The Adventures of Augie March will end up having the same effect on me as A Tale of Two Citites did. I will hate it and fight it during the first half of the story but by the end I will be so wrapped up in the story of Augie that I will be sad when it's over and will more than likely be moved to tears...or at least I hope. I gotta tell ya friends I'm a little concenered..maybe I should of started at the end of the list..hmm...

Alright, all whining aside, I think that the next goal I want to accomplish is learning a foreign language...I just haven't decide which one yet. Any suggestions leave me a comment in the box below!!

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