Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ow My Eye!

So I have a stye in my eye..I think.. All yesterday my eye hurt and then when I woke up today it was all puffy and swollen :( The swelling has gone down so I think I should be able to go to work today but I may call my boss just to see what she wants me to do.


I completed my second workout of the week yesterday (shocking everyone including myself). I was all prepared to do the walk 10 minutes, elpitical 10 minutes, and then finish with another 10 minute walk. WELL..that didn't happen. When I arrived at the gym I saw signs up everywhere promoting a half marathon that was taking place at that time.

I DID NOT DO THE HALF MARATHON (just want to make that clear)

Instead I hopped on the elpitcal and completed a 15 minute workout. The marathon was just about done when I was finished and there were some non-marathoners walking the track so I decided to hop on the track. I only walked for about 10 minutes and then headed on home all happy and pretty proud that I completed my two workout goal for the week even if they weren't on Monday and Wednesday like I originally planned.


London Bridge by Fergie
God Save the Foolish Kings by House of Heroes
In My Head by Jason Derulo
Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo
SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha

Hope everyone has a happy (and healthy) week :)

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