Saturday, January 1, 2011

Book Rave!

So, I promised that I would review/rave about a recent self-help weight loss book and I'm actually keeping my promise!

This is a book that I've mentioned before (you can read it here) but I've finally finished reading so I figured now is a better time than ever to rave about it.

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney

This book is obviously marketed towards women, but men could totally read it and get some useful information (granted you may want to ignore the bits about shopping for the perfect bra and eating healthy during pregnancy) too. One of the things I LOOOVED about this book is that it isn't the typical "diet" book that tells you to eat all of these organic unprocessed foods and just pretend that Twinkies don't exist. Instead it is more of book with helpful tips and really insightful realizations about the struggles to lose weight. It also gets bonus points by being written by a "former fat girl" and not some teeny tiny nutritionist who doesn't know what it feels like when an adorable dress doesn't look quite so adorable on.

Throught the chapters or secrets there are gray boxes with extra helpful tips that reinforce what the chapter is about. These are also totally awesome for molding together and getting you jumpstarted on your way to being a former fat girl (or guy). And there are tips on EVERYTHING! Not just tips for healthy eating and exercise benefits but also buying clothes, dealing with friends and family who may be a little less than supportive, and to just plain stepping out of your comfort zone. This really is a good book and it will make you laugh and see that losing weight really is possible.

Link Time!

  • I got my copy at Barnes & Noble but you can also find it here (they also have a Kindle edition)
  • Lisa Delaney's website
If you've read this book or any other really good motivating books please let me know!

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