Saturday, October 23, 2010

Down But Not Out

So obviously I have not been updating anything lately because well I've just finally gotten over a bout of Strep throat and am finally starting to feel back to normal (really yucky cough not withstanding).

Over the course of this past week I have not worked out but I have been working on eating better. I'm eating lots more fruits (veggies are still REALLY hard fore me to enjoy) but unfortunately all of the festively packaged Halloween candy has proved hard to resist. But I am trying! I've also decided that I'm just going to have start using my "Teacher Voice" on myself when it comes to working out. By the end of the work day my inner 4-year old whines so much that I end up caving and not going to the gym. Which is just unacceptable behavior (something that is a major no-no in my preschool classroom).

I've also decided that I need to stop juding my worth based on how much I weigh and what size my clothes are. I stop myself from doing things that I really want to do because "I'm just not ready yet," and I have to stop that. So I've decided that I'm going to start pursing my passions no matter what and just maybe that will help me become a happier healthier me. Two things that I really want to start doing is taking more picture (I love photography and actually used to dream about becoming a photographer) and supporting a cause that's important to me. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to go about doing these things, but obviously once I figure it out it will be my next blog post.

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