Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What can I say I'm just ill like that!

Well it appears that I have strep throat or at least a very strep like bacteria (whatever that means) which means no work and a whole lot of couch time for a couple of days. I can't help but feel like I've jinxed myself  because just last week at work I said (and quote) "Man, I would LOOVE a couple of days off...I haven't had a day off in forever!" So, naturally God decided that this would be an excellent time to teach me the lesson "Be careful what you wish for" and give me a horribly sore throat -- it literally feels like someone is scraping their fingernails down the inside of my throat (lovely picture huh?) So after spending a miserable day at work yesterday I called in today and made myself a doctors appointment.

Needless to say that I probably won't be getting much exercise in either these next two day, but I will try to amp myself up to get back in the routine once I'm up and moving again. I also discovered that the scale at the doctors office and the one at the gym have about a 5 pound difference (the gym says I weigh less). I don't have a scale at home -- I could easily see myself becoming OBSESSED with what the numbers are everyday, so I can't really compare....so I've decided for the time being to make myself feel better I'm going to agree with the one at the gym (and plus I'm there more than I'm at the doctors).

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